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Industrial News
  2017-01-23  OLED Television Demand in Middle East is Projected to be Lucrative
 2017-01-16  DOE issues Caliper Snapshot on LED troffer luminaires
  2017-01-11  Chinese City's LED Phosphor Export Value Plummets in 2016
 2017-01-05  Comparing New Dielectric Materials for Chip-on-Board LED Packages
 2017-01-04  San’an Opto LED Chip Prices Pushed up by Rising Raw Material Costs
 2016-12-30  LED Products Become Popular in Denmark
 2016-12-23  Luxtech Launches Industry-Leading Flexible LED Tape Family
 2016-12-02  Obama set to block sale of German LED equipment maker to China
 2016-11-28  LECs - The Light of the Future Thanks Nanostructures
2016-11-17  Can Micro-LED Challenge LCD and OLED Market Position?
2016-11-15  Seven of Eaton’s Products Honored for Innovation and Technical Achievement by the  Illuminating Engineering Society
2016-10-28  DOE Publishes OLED Luminaires Testing Results
 Understand how to measure luminous flux and radiant power
2016-10-17  How to Design with LEDs: Concurrent Engineering Yields Fully Optimized
   Lighting Systems
2016-10-13  Easing Lighting System Design with Online Tools
2016-09-30  OLED Technology in Lighting Applications
2016-09-20  Science advances in matching LED lighting to horticultural needs
2016-09-14  Korea's LED Industry Developments
2016-09-05  Lighting the way for carbon neutrality
2016-08-24  LEDS, Light, Smoke and Sound
2016-08-17  Infrared LED Global Revenue is Growing Faster than Overall Infrared Components
2016-08-15  Concepts to Overcome Lifetime Issues of LED Drivers
2016-08-10  Chinese Client Demands Squeezes Samsung Display OLED Supply
2016-07-25  Driver features evolve for future needs
2016-07-14  OLED Displays to Provide Shatterproof Phone Solutions
2016-07-07  New Class of Siloxane Polymers for Advanced LED Packaging
2016-07-03  Plastic and Flexible OLED to Reach $18 Billion by 2020
2016-06-21  Managing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges in LED LuminaireDesign 
   by Sanmina
2016-06-10  Potting Processes as a Part of LED-Based Lighting Module Manufacturing Methods 
   byViscoTec Pumpen and Dosiertechnik GmbH
2016-06-09  Understand the factors and adaptations that impact LED efficiency
2016-06-03  LED Tubes from Independence LED Lighting Featured on Science Channel
2016-01-28 Samsung LM561B+: Higher Quality Light Color for Premium Luminaires
2016-01-27 LED Manufacturers Received in Total RMB 1.2B Subsidies from Chinese Government in 2015
2016-01-25 Lumitech Licenses Seoul Semiconductor for PI-LED Technology Applications
2016-01-04  Ontarians Redeemed Over 2.5M Energy-Saving Coupons from Product Purchases in 2015