Translation Service

Translation Service

Temporary staff are available from 4-6 September. Please indicate the number of staff required and for which dates.

Category Rate / Day / Person
General Interpreter
English-Chinese ¥1,000
Korean-Chinese ¥1,100
Japanese-Chinese ¥1,100
German-Chinese ¥1,500
French-Chinese ¥1,500
Russian-Chinese ¥1,500
Italian-Chinese ¥1,800
Spanish-Chinese ¥1,800
Other Value-added Services
Etiquette Personnel ¥800
Mascot Costume Rental ¥200
Etiquette Clothing Rental ¥150


1. The above quotation does not include catering and transportation fee. Formal wear (white shirt & black pant) is available for each etiquette and Interpreter. There is an extra charge for special clothing. A discount will be offered if is rented based on the exhibition period.

2. Except for special requirements of clients, the etiquette and escort interpretation services are calculated on the basis of 8 hours per day, 4 hours half of the day. Extra working hours will be charged according to the actual situation or the overall price will be increased by 10%-50%.

3. Special professional requirements and the price of minority language interpretation should be personally discussed.

4. Above quotation is only valid in Shenzhen. Quotation for out-of-town business should be discussed separately, the same with other special requirements. It's suggested that clients who require above services should make an appointment 3-5 days in advance.

Booking inquiry Phone No.: (86) 138 1153 9591

Contact Person: Mr. Zhou

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